SCAMP Mast Camp

The SCAMP birdsmouth mast building class was held last weekend at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Instructor Bruce Blatchley led students Dale, Derek, Eric, Keith, Lloyd, and Roger through the process. The first five students started their SCAMPs at SCAMP Camp #1 last August and Roger is signed up to build at the March camp.


While we were all very excited to get going on I was not feeling too well and by lunch time had foundered on the shore of “Flu” and had Lloyd take me back to his place so I could curl up and be miserable. For 16 hours I did nothing but sleep and try to stay hydrated. Saturday morning I felt OK enough to go back to the camp with the provision that we take two vehicles in case I couldn’t finish the day. All went surprisingly well. The rest of the team had done the glue up of my mast so I wasn’t behind. You guys are just awesome! Thank you so much!!!

Eight Sided

Saturday was the exact opposite of SCAMP Camp. We didn’t even touch the epoxy pumps and just worked a plane all day going from eight sided to 16, then on to 32, and if you were really kicking it, finishing out 64. 64 was really more by feel than actually seeing 64 faces on this small diameter.

Planing to 32 sided

Sunday saw us finishing up the “face count” and then working cabinet scrapers on the tiny edges that were left. I suspect those cabinet makers are full of it but having never touched a scraper before, maybe I just didn’t know what the heck I was doing.


Another epic SCAMP Camp and further proof that us scampers are an outstanding brotherhood with outstanding boats.

2 thoughts on “SCAMP Mast Camp”

  1. Keith,

    Finally I make it to your site of postings, this Low Tech Dane will find those hints useful as he struggles to finish my SCAMP. Current thoughts are to contract with a fellow in Portland to help the process along, likely as I did with Amanda, have him do most of the work so I can have my life back for a while, actually complete “Judea”, without screwing up a very nice boat.

    Sometimes Surrender is the best option.

    I will get you in touch with Marty from SCAMP Camp 2, he is excellent craftsman, like you, will be a good contact. Howard says he is a very good Sailor.


    Right now I am in aBaldwin Michigan Reastaurant for internet and a quick meal. I am tiring of Epoxy every where I touch.

  2. Richard,

    Don’t miss out by letting someone else finish it. Many people say it is some of the best time they ever spend. Of course you are at the end of “basic training” when everyone is ready for a short time out. :-)

    Looking forward to having you back in the NW. I’ll have a cold beer on ice for you.


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