While down at the river today a couple of crows came by and walked along the shore. The water level was down and they walked right along the edge. As I watched, one of them picked up an object the size of a quarter and placed it on a flat rock. Then it walked a bit further and did it again. After walking further on they flew off to the North.

I walked over to take a look and sure enough, each was a small freshwater clam. Obviously there is some motive behind this. I don’t think crows can break open the clams with their beak so what is the plan? Many times in fall I’ve seen them take walnuts up to a good height and drop them on a hard surface such as the pavement. I’ve also heard them hitting the roof but that isn’t as solid as pavement or cement so I would think less successful.

If they were going to try the dropping tactic why wouldn’t he have taken the first one away and done that? Could it be that it was putting the clam on the rock to warm in the sun and kill the clam? Once the clam is dead it will open easily. I need to go back to work so I guess that mystery will remain unsolved.